The Food Allergy Pros, LLC provides consultation to entities that serve the public as well as consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, food service, medical and other industries that wish to improve and expand products and services and enhance the safety and inclusion of people living with food allergies.

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Jen Jobrack, Principal, Food Allergy Pros, LLC

Jen Jobrack is a nationally recognized food allergy expert.  Her areas of focus are public policy, regulation and legislation; consumer behavior; education and training, food labeling and food safety; raising public awareness; strategies and best practices to improve the health, safety and inclusion of people with life threatening food allergies.

For more than eight years, Jen served in leadership positions at Food Allergy Research & Education, the nation’s leading patient advocacy group for people living with this life-threatening condition.  During that time, Jen led and facilitated more than 100 successful state and federal legislative campaigns to improve the lives of people with food allergies.  Policy and awareness campaigns include access to epinephrine in schools and public places; epinephrine pricing and availability; food labeling and consumer behavior; college and university preparedness for students with food allergies; restaurant accommodations; insurance coverage for allergy medications; and improving the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis, among others.

With more than a decade of experience, Jen has advised Fortune 100 companies, large educational institutions and an array of entities on best practices in food allergy management. This work includes:

  • Providing guidance to consumer packaged goods manufacturers on allergen labeling
  • Creating guidelines for large employers offering multisite employee dining
  • Consulting to medical centers to expand their public education and advocacy programs
  • Educating pharmaceutical and food companies about the food allergy patient experience
  • Developing learning opportunities for professional associations in the food industry that wish to provide guidance to their members
  • Advising numerous school districts, childcare programs, camps and entities serving the public on how to provide a safe environment for students with food allergies

Jen is the only food allergy representative to serve as a voting member of the Conference for Food Protection, the interdisciplinary body that guides the FDA on the Food Code. She has been recognized as an Allergy Advocate by Allergic Living and one of “100 Women in Food Allergy” by spokin.com. Jen is a noted public speaker and media source on food allergy issues and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Allergic Living, CBS, ABC, WGN, the Huffington Post and others. She has spoken at national and regional conferences for the National PTA, Feeding America, National Restaurant Association, American Spice Trade Association, American Camp Association, the Forum on Education Abroad, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, and many others.

Prior to joining FARE in 2010, Jen spent nearly two decades as a senior leader at multiple foundations and served on multiple national boards. Previously she developed policy initiatives for the Illinois Attorney General. Jen received her Master’s Degree from The University of Chicago and her Bachelor’s Degree from Bryn Mawr College. Jen is the mother of two sons, the elder of whom was diagnosed with food allergies at the age of 14 months. Jen has studied and worked in France, Scotland and Israel.

For more than a decade, Jen has worked on federal, state, local and industry issues including:

Access to Epinephrine

Affordability and availability of prescription and stock epinephrine autoinjectors


Allergen cross contact as a food safety issue and best practices in allergen labeling

Emergency Preparedness

Recognition of anaphylaxis and the importance of epinephrine

Law and Public Policy

Extensive knowledge of food allergy regulations and laws

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Jen has been named as one of Spokin’s Top 100 Women in the app’s list of Food Allergy Entrepreneurs.

Leave it to a woman to get the job done! These top 100 women in the food allergy community are creating products and laws, raising funds and awareness and making managing food allergies easier. Not only are they improving the landscape, but they are also collaborating with one another. This talented group of women understands “it’s us versus food allergies,” and we are thrilled to recognize all their hard work.

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